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  The rules governing the performance of HSE regulations are an integral part of our business activity. The success of our corporation is fundamentally determined by the acceptance of our social and political responsibilities.

  All our activities are undertaken within the strict observance of all Government laws, rules and regulations.Within the guidelines of the latest technology, we undertake the specific requirements of our customers, ensuring they are not in conflict with the general interests of the country.

  All of our supplies, services, manufacturing processes and operating tools and equipment, correspond to HSE standards. Special attention is given to training, information flow, quality control and motivation of our management and workforce.All measures, organizational and technical and those applying to personnel are planned, supervised and constantly improved.

  We shall listen to, discuss and consider questions from our customers, neighbors and authorities, and we shall openly inform them on all HSE issues.We bind together ourselves, our management and our labor force with our HSE policy. Moreover, we demand that our subcontractors and suppliers undertake and support all measures to ensure they comply with HSE requirements.